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Fraternal Twins

Some cry love is a mere fantasy
an illusion of the mind
An escape from reality
which produces weakness
save for unrepressed might
Some may arise unto wealth & privilege
whilst others are disinheritely forgotten

Loveliness often fashions beauty & delight
excrement of misery are seldom derivatives
For this reckoning men the wicked have slayed
For this reasoning men the just have vindicated
As for love is oftentimes treacherous
save for at one fell swoop
soothes & reassures

Religious conviction rewards poise via veneration
since those who bare the mysteries of the heart
may well by manner of authority beget discernment
It is dreadfully feasible to exist without love
but enthusiastically impossible to crave not

© Ernesto Parrilla



I am a devoted dreamer, schizophrenic runner, eccentric bookworm, green tea addict, magical realism writer, in love with romanticism.

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