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The Meek Shall Inherit

Earth, formed by love, and for love.
Our souls, corrupted via immorality.
Warfare amid the devoted,
and the heartless,
over a gift of consciousness,
we did not solicit.

And since iniquity fosters jealousy,
glee is a mystery to mislaid souls.
Conquered from within are adversaries,
Immortality is our reward.
Secular assets cannot purchase,
what freely was given.

Morality nurtures freedom.
Our faith will never fracture.
Treasures in heaven awaits,
thus, we may rise courageously.

© Ernesto Parrilla



I am a devoted dreamer, schizophrenic runner, eccentric bookworm, green tea addict, magical realism writer, in love with romanticism.

3 thoughts on “The Meek Shall Inherit

  1. I absolutely agree with everything in the poem. Beautiful. Particularly that line when you say, “morality nurtures freedom” seems like you have good insights about the world and human tendencies… keep it up…


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