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Opposite Sides of Truth

Strengthen our spirit, oh gift of faith,
because enthusiasm disregards all wisdom.
At the mountaintop, I saw a myriad of striking trees.
Their pleasant facade, inundating with enchantment.

“Do not consume the fruit of the awareness trees,”
I recall my father speak. Therefore, I only consume fruits
of the leisure kind.

Later that day, a snake was lecturing amongst the awareness trees,
bringing forth alertness concerning the penalties of egotism.
“No one is concerned with your uncanny rhetoric, creep,” I declared.
Sentiments of prominence augmented my sacred visions of grandeur.
Nevertheless, one insignificant and minuscule stone caused me to tumble
from the vast elevations of ignorance, enthusiasm had generated.

At base of the hill, inhabitants of depression town greeted me warmly.
However, I felt indifferent. Inside their desolated sanatorium, words from
the snake awaited.

His riddling insight
would haunt me for many,
countless years.

© Ernesto Parrilla



I am a devoted dreamer, schizophrenic runner, eccentric bookworm, green tea addict, magical realism writer, in love with romanticism.

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